It’s about time the corporate minds – inclined towards selling brands – stop attempting so hard to communicate for the non-profit organizations.


In Pakistan, the significance of development-communication – a process of strategically using the different mediums for bringing a positive social impact by strengthening the sustainability in development projects – has been overlooked and consequently, many important humanitarian projects don’t result in mass-awareness and behavioral-change.



Moreover, the mainstream advertising agencies, which work for corporate branding and have the government as an essential client, are considered experts when it comes to communicating even for the non-government sector. We find this situation very contradictory. How can minds, creating campaigns for selling washing-powder, come up with a great idea for the women-empowerment? Or how can copywriters, penning electoral slogans for the conservative political parties, write something impactful for the labour-rights?



That’s exactly when and why SAMAAJ emerges – an organization, which fully understands the causes of its clients in the development and social sectors. Using the traditional and contemporary ways to communicate effectively, SAMAAJ is determined to strengthen the humanitarian organizations.